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At The Law Offices of John J. Pikulski, IV, LLC, I provide tenacious, comprehensive defense against domestic violence, assault and related charges to people in Prince George’s County, Calvert County and throughout the state of Maryland.

Aggressive Assault Defense

I frequently work with people facing charges of assault and domestic violence. Assault is a violent crime, defined by Maryland law as the offensive touching or attempted touching of another person without consent, or placing that person in immediate fear of an intentional touching against his or her consent.

Assault can consist of even slight conduct, such as a push or shove, and it usually results from a verbal dispute that has escalated to physical contact. The severity of these charges depends on many factors, including whether a weapon was used. Regardless of the circumstances, any assault charge is a serious matter.

There are a variety of defenses to assault, starting with self defense. The degree of the response, opportunity to leave are just a few of the factors that go into a well organized effective self defense case.

Domestic violence cases can be very complicated. In some situations, once tempers cool, you are facing criminal charged neither party even wants to proceed on anymore. I have guided couples through these situations with great success. Once you call the police, a case can’t simply be dropped. The parties are you and the State of Maryland. In these situations we need to talk to the States Attorneys office, and see what our options are going forward. If the case can be dropped, at this point, it will be.

Contact An Experienced Upper Marlboro Lawyer Fighting Assault Charges

In the face of any criminal charge, it is important to contact an attorney as quickly as possible to begin protecting your rights and preserve important evidence. I will help you respond quickly and aggressively to accusations of assault, building a strong defense to help you achieve the best possible result in your case.

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