After my free consultation with Attorney Pikulski, I felt much better, and less scared, like a weight was taken off of me. -J.M.


Criminal Defense

I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the court system, then I hired John to represent my husband, and I was very pleased. I’ve already recommended him to anyone in trouble. It seems like he is really for the people, really tried to help, and really was there for me. He got my husband home and did everything he said he would!
– F.N.


Best Lawyer Around

I hired John for a criminal case and he was GREAT!!!! From the first call I made to him to for consult to the end of the case the whole process was amazing. When I called to make an apt John answered the phone no call center or operator but the lawyer himself. During that first call he answered every single question that I had and not once did I ever feel rushed I felt more at ease that everything would be okay. I knew I wanted him to take my case. The price he quoted me for the case was affordable and decent. I am a worrier and every time I called John he was available to answer any question even the silly ones. My case was dismissed thankfully and it was because of my lawyer John. I highly recommend him.


Representation for Harasssment Charges

I first consulted with Mr. Pikulski via telephone concerning an outstanding warrant for misdemeanor telephone harassment charges filed in a state other than the one in which I currently reside.

Mr. Pikulski listened intently as I explained the circumstances of my case and my concerns about how the charges would affect me personally and professionally. He then offered legal advice as to how to proceed. Throughout the consultation, Mr. Pikulski’s demeanor was friendly, personable, and comforting. He was extremely knowledgeable of the law and professional at all times. By the end of the consultation, I was confident in Mr. Pikulski’s ability to handle my case, so I hired him immediately.

Within less than twelve hours after receiving my retainer agreement and payment, Mr. Pikulski managed to get the warrant recalled. He then continued to keep me abreast of the status of my case by making himself available to me by telephone and email and answering my many requests in a timely manner.

My case was nol prossed by the State, and I could not have asked for a more favorable outcome. However, had the outcome been less than favorable, I would still be typing this positive review.

Many of life’s circumstances are often centered around relationships. To me, what separates a good lawyer from a great one is his ability to build relationships with his clients, with his peers, and with pivotal members of the legal community. In my humble opinion, Mr. Pikulski’s competence in navigating the justice system in his clients’ best interests is a direct result of his impeccable relationship-building skills. I would recommend Mr. Pikulski to anyone who is facing criminal charges without reservation.


Attorney for Traffic Case

When you’re in need of an attorney, you want one that communicates confidence and competence. John exceeded these expectations and made me feel I was in good hands from our very first phone conversation. His calm demeanor helped reassure me during a difficult time. John knew all of the relevant players in Prince George’s County District Court system and could tell me with relative certainty how things were going to proceed. The relationships and reputation he has established will be invaluable to your case. I will, without hesitation, recommend John Pikulski to anyone I know seeking representation and I suggest you do the same.


Thanks Mr Pikulski

He saved my life point blank and me and my family are forever thankful.


He quickly revealed his expertise

John was referred from a local area attorney as well versed in the type of case we needed assistance with. Having never spoken with him before he quickly revealed his expertise and willingness to help us when we live in VA and the case was in MD. He made it easy to handle his fees and was responsive to my emails and texts during all times of his busy daily schedule, plus when I called to get verbal updates or to explain any issues I was concerned with. His fees seemed reasonable for handling the levels of courts required to resolve the case and for a set fee. We are thankful for his experience to handle the different issues with the case.


Excellent Traffic Lawyer

I used Attorney Pikulski to handle a traffic citation. He kept me informed throughout the case, and did a great job in the courtroom. My fees were lowered and I was able to not receive points on my license. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with his work. I have since referred him to two of my friends who were in need of an attorney.


Highly recommended

Great Price, and got me out my legal issues. Highly recommend him!
-Nelson Mendoza


It is a good lawyer helps you to the last, I am satisfied with their service and good speaking SPANISH !!!!
-Ever Méndez