Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Maryland

The criminal justice system can be intimidating and difficult to navigate, which is particularly concerning for those accused of criminal offenses since it can also deprive them of their freedom.

Experienced Criminal Defense In Your Time Of Need

At The Law Offices of John J. Pikulski, IV, LLC, I understand how intimidating being charged with a crime can be. I will do everything I can to alleviate your concerns and help you feel confident that I will take care of you in your time of need. I will personally develop a legal strategy designed to help you achieve the best results. As I always say, every case is different and every client is different.

Being charged with a crime is never easy, so let me put my 10-plus years of experience in criminal defense to work for you.

Helping You With Felonies, Misdemeanors And More

Some of my areas of focus include:

  • DUI/DWI and other traffic violations: Maryland has tough laws against driving under the influence as well as impaired driving, and these cases can be highly complex. I can help you pursue every available defense to get the best possible result in your case. There can also be serious penalties to your driving privilege, especially if you don’t act quickly.
  • Drug charges: I have represented individuals facing charges involving drug possession, trafficking, distribution, paraphernalia, manufacturing and even drug kingpin charges.
  • Prostitution charges: These cases require discretion and a thorough understanding of the relevant laws. I have successfully defended individuals accused of prostitution, solicitation, assignation and related crimes.
  • Sex crimes: Sex offenses typically carry significant criminal penalties, including jail time and sex offender registration.
  • Violent crimes: I work with people who have been accused of violent crimes ranging from simple assault to robbery, and even murder. I help them understand the charges as well as all of the defenses available to them.
  • Theft and related offenses: If you are facing charges of burglary, theft or other property crimes, I can help you fight them. I pursue every defense available to help you succeed.
  • Weapons crimes: As attitudes and laws surrounding gun control shift both in Maryland and around the country, it is important to work with an attorney who is up to date on gun laws and committed to protecting your rights if accused of a weapons offense.
  • Warrants: Whether the court has issued a bench warrant for your failure to appear or police are seeking your arrest for a new alleged offense, I can explain your rights and attempt to recall the warrant.
  • Students: Whether attending University of Maryland or a smaller school, mistakes can happen during these formative years. I have successfully defended students not only on campus so they can stay in school, but in court, so their future remains bright.

I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the court system, then I hired John to represent my husband, and I was very pleased. I’ve already recommended him to anyone in trouble. It seems like he is really for the people, really tried to help, and really was there for me. He got my husband home and did everything he said he would! – F.N.

Legal Help For Clients In Prince George’s County And Throughout Maryland

If you are facing criminal charges and need to speak with an experienced Upper Marlboro criminal defense attorney, contact The Law Offices of John J. Pikulski, IV, LLC. I understand that the cost of mounting a strong defense may be daunting, which is why I offer FREE initial consultations. I also offer flexible payment plans and accept credit cards so you can afford the quality legal representation you deserve, from a lawyer you can trust.

To learn more about your rights in the criminal justice system, I encourage you to contact me at 301-627-5297 or reach out to me online. I look forward to helping you, and  protecting your rights, and your freedom in the face of criminal charges.