A tenacious trial attorney with a strong background in criminal defense

I am John Pikulski, a tenacious trial attorney with a strong background in criminal defense. I frequently represent people facing drug or CDS charges in Maryland, including:

A conviction on drug-related charges can result in monetary fines or jail time but, in many cases, that is only the beginning. For many people, a criminal record can be devastating to their careers and their lives.

I frequently represent college students and federal employees whose bright futures are threatened by criminal proceedings. I can help you pursue a defense that minimizes the effects of a drug charge on your future.

Protecting Your Rights

The Constitution grants certain essential rights to every American, including the right to be free from unlawful searches and seizures by law enforcement officials. In almost every situation with drugs (or CDS) police need to utilize some kind of search to find them. Police need to follow rules and procedures themselves while committing a search. Frequently they are rushed, excited or distracted and can make a mistake that ends up violating your constitution rights.

When facing drug charges, it is essential to work with an experienced attorney who can identify weaknesses in the state’s case and expose these mistakes as part of a strong defense. The state has law enforcement and attorneys on their side. You need to protect yourself and your rights.

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I offer flexible payment plans and a free initial consultation, so there is truly no risk in learning more about your rights and options in the face of drug charges and other criminal matters. To learn more, please contact me at 301-627-5297.