Prince George’s County

Know to locals as PG County, we share a borderline with the District of Columbia as well as Virginia. Prince Georges County is one of the largest counties in Maryland both in size and population and his home to nearly 1,000,000 residents per the most recent census.  If Prince George’s County were a city, it would be the 13th largest in the Country.

Direct proximity to DC, VA
There are different laws in DC, VA, and MD. This can sometimes lead to a lot of problems from crossing  an invisible line into a county with completely different laws. One easy example of this is gun laws. What is a completely legal way to transport a firearm in Virginia for example will cause you to be immediately charged and arrested in Maryland for exactly the same acts.

Prince Georges County is home to National Harbor, the Gaylord National Resort, MGM National Harbor, The Capital Wheel, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, FedEx Field and the Washington Redskins, Andrews Air Force Base & the President’s Air Force One aircraft, the University of Maryland, Bowie State University, Prince George’s County Community College, Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary, National Agricultural Library, National Archives at College Park, Rosecroft Raceway, USDA’s Agricultural Research Center. PG county is also home to the second most busy county courts in the state behind Baltimore City.

Upper Marlboro

Upper Marlboro Court John Pikulski

  • Our current office has been located in Upper Marlboro, Prince George’s County since 2012. Attorney Pikulski has been working directly across the street from theCourthouse in Upper Marlboro since 2005. If you need an attorney to represent you in Prince George’s County look for one that not only knows the law, but also knows the courthouse and the people who work there. You can’t walk the halls of the courthouse in Upper Marlboro or Hyattsville without Attorney Pikulski being greeted by clerks, staff, sheriffs, police officers, other attorneys, and judges. Put his experience and good will to work for you.
  • The location of the Upper Marlboro office is perfect as it is across the street from the courthouse, but also has easy access to Maryland 95/495, 301, Rt 4 (Pennsylvania Avenue) as well as Rt 5 (branch avenue)
  • MGM: Since opening in 2016 the MGM casino at National Harbor has sent all of the cases generated there to the Courthouse in Upper Marlboro.
    • The security there is very tight and has caused a lot of arrests, several of them unwarranted and unnecessary. For nearly no reason at all, individuals can be charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, failure to obey police or all three. The county has set up prostitution sting operations working at or even in the casino. Officers make DUI arrests of unsuspecting guests leaving the casino and even set up DUI checkpoints on major roads leaving the casino area.   We have handled cases generated from MGM and its security before. Let our experience work for you.


  • District Court criminal and traffic cases can end up being tried in the District Court in Hyattsville 4990 Rhode Island Ave. Hyattsville MD. The city of Hyattsville and its surrounding areas of Riverdale Park, Greenbelt, New Carrollton, and Bladensburg can all end up in the District Court in Hyattsville.
  • College Park is another area that has cases that can be  litigated in Hyattsville.
    • Home to not only business and residences, College Park it the home of the University of Maryland
    • While College is a time of learning and exploration, it is also a time for growing up and sometimes making poor choices. Our office has represented several students for on campus problems that turn into serious criminal or traffic cases.
    • On campus  representation – In some situations there are not only criminal cases that stem from matters from the University of Maryland but there are also sanctions from the University. Depending on the specifics of the case these University sanctions can lead to things as serious as suspension of even expulsion. Attorney Pikulski can be there throughout the process to make sure your future stays on track.